pancetta pizza

We not only serve red pizzas, which have a tomato sauce base and is the most well-known style of pizza; we also offer white pizzas with a purely cheese base and calzones or folded pizzas that look a bit like curry puffs, as well as barcas or "boat" pizza, which describes their shape.

Most of our pizzas are Neapolitan in style but the barcas are a traditionally Sicilian type. Bella Pizza was, in fact, the first restaurant to introduce the barca to Singapore.

While we love all our pizzas, we are especially proud of our namesake pizza, known as the "Pizza Bella Pizza", which is a unique creation of ricotta, salami and spinach and is simply delicious, while truffle lovers must try our Pizza Mascarpone. 

Pizzas are the stars of our restaurant, but the rest of the menu have also been carefully crafted to please. In particular, our Portobello Ripieno and the robust yet delicately nuanced Linguine ai Frutti di Mare have won countless fans.